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The Maine Youth Fish and Game Association was established for the purpose of promoting the love and respect for the Maine outdoors by the youth of Maine and extending to these youth, the treasures of experience in the outdoors.

Our mission is to share with our children in the beauty and bounty of nature in all its works; to teach the ways of wildlife, to promote conservation, the importance of habitat, and the joys of discovery to be found in the woods, waters, and the skies of Maine.

MYFGA experiences are not limited to summer camp. Throughout the year, the organization provides a variety of both outdoor and community activities such as family ice-fishing events, opportunities to accompany Maine state biologists on species specific surveys, state sponsored trainings regarding ATV safety, and the opportunity to use the MYFGA firing range. Finally, MYFGA conducts an annual fundraising dinner and auction. There are a myriad of opportunities for youth to learn both leadership and respect for the outdoors by participating in any of these sponsored club events.

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